Toronto Symphony Orchestra FEATURES Paula Arciniega

This year the Toronto Symphony Orchestra introduces The TSO Music & Art Series. As part of the TSO’s wider mandate to celebrate other artists in the community (and how their art is connected to music), the 2015 series features Toronto artists on the cover of eight issues of the program book. Paula Arciniega is one of those artists.

“I’m thrilled to be partnering with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra as they roll out their newMusic & Art Series. As someone who repeatedly seeks inspiration from music, partnering with the TSO is an honor and a great validation as an artist. My piece chosen by the TSO  for one of their eight Music & Art Series program covers is below. It is named Beethoven Romance in F.”

~ Paula

TSO_Arciniega_cover Beethoven-Paula-Romance-Arciniega-Painting-Abstract-Oil-Art