Part 1 – The Augurs of Spring


72″ x 48″
Oil on Canvas

The Augurs of Spring (Dances of the young girls)

The Augurs of Spring is one of the most iconic and widely recognized excerpts from any of Stravinsky’s compositions. Its jolting asymmetrical rhythm contrasted with the repetitive poly-tonal chord left an indelible impression of modernity on music and art. I have intentional painted the vibrant and relentless outbursts of color and shape, layered upon itself as if to mimic the dissonance and poly-tonality heard in the music. Violent and surging gestures are articulated with disoriented and random order all with the purpose of elaborating the primordial birth of spring; pulsating with life desperately trying to erupt from a long and motionless slumber. The young maidens emerge out of the cacophony, intertwined in the melding body of color, gesture and shape. At the high point of the painting you see an ominous figure, representative of the “mother of spring”, deep with ancient wisdom. Sharp connecting lines gesticulate outward from this “motherly” figure as if to pass down the primordial wisdom to the maidens as they move into their places in the unfurling drama.

This movement lasts approximately 3 minutes 28 seconds.

with permission:
2013 Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Recorded live in Roy Thompson Hall, December 4 & 6, 2008