L.U.S.T Supper Club


March 25th, 2017


It’s Luke’s Underground Supper Table, which The Food Network named one of the top 15 underground supper clubs in the world. The Supper Club is held at a secret location in downtown Toronto. It’s a dinner party atmosphere, combined with sexy foods from around the world. It’s about laughing, sipping, chatting, and eating groovy comfort food like you’ve never had it. It’s always affordable.

3rd Anniversary (Sat, March 25th)


HAPPY BIRTHDAY L.U.S.T. Let’s celebrate with a night of delicious Malaysian hawker food and big disco beats. Just like a hawker market, it’ll be fun, aromatic, loud, silly, and yummy. There will be 7 courses, so expect flavours and aromas of lemongrass, sweet soy pork, star anise, creamy coconut broth, sambal chicken, pandan-perfumed rice, and more. There will also be birthday cake, and lots of surprises.

Sold Out

Chef Luke Hayes


My mum, Carrie, opened a restaurant in Kingston, Ont. when I was a baby, so I pretty much grew up in the restaurant industry. I decided at 11 that I wanted to become a Chef, so I trained intensely for 4 years and took over the kitchen at 15. The resto and I received internationalpress, and it was a fantastic 8 year run. Loved every minute. Sold the place 3 years ago to move to Toronto. Started L.U.S.T (Luke’s Underground Supper Table) immediately; within a few months, The Food Network named it one of the top 15 underground supperclubs in the world. I haven’t looked back since.

For more insight into my crazy story, click here to read the TEDx speech that I gave in November 2011 at Queen’s University. It was my first speech. I was nervous as hell!