An Alpine Symphony


80″ x 60″ ~ 2 panels 40″ x 60″ each
Oil on Canvas
Private Collection, Toronto ON

This piece was inspired by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s performance of:
“An Alpine Symphony” Op. 64
Written by German composer Richard Strauss in 1915
An Alpine Symphony is a tone poem
Conducted by Sir Andrew Davis on May 25, 26, and 28 2016

Toronto-Art-Oil-Alpine-Strauss-Blue-Paula-Arciniega Toronto-Art-Oil-Alpine-Strauss-Blue-Paula-Arciniega

These paintings, and the musical work, “An Alpine Symphony,” written by  R. Strauss represent a story that begins on a dark and somber night. The story takes one on a journey up a mountain top where one experiences the glory of the sunrise, the ferocity of a storm, and then watches the sun set, leaving them once again in darkness.

I painted these two pieces as one, but they can be hung separately, or together and in either position (left or right) to represent this idea of the cyclical nature of our world and of life itself.